Get to know your Tumblr-ette!

What is your middle name?
I don’t have one. But I go by my nickname, rather than my first. 

What are you passionate about? Literature, travel, fashion, romance, and movies.

Zebra or leopard print? Zebra definitely, black and white is such a classic combination  

Silver or gold? I’m a silver gal. 

How many siblings do you have? I’m the oldest to two younger sisters. I love them to bits! And I miss them so much since I have been away at college. 

Where are you from? A prominent American city in the south. 

What’s your sign? Scorpio. I love reading astrological facts about each sign and finding similarities. It’s so weird and cool at the same time. 

Future names of your children. Don’t know about the names but I want to have twin boys most indubitably. 

What are you listening to right now? Nothing at the moment. But I favor all genre’s of music. Anything I can dance to or find a connection with is a favorite. 

Do you believe in fate/destiny? I most definitely believe in destiny. Though I wouldn’t classify myself as religious, I do believe in an order of things in this universe. Everything truly does happen for a reason. 

What are you career goals?  Being successful, I won’t settle for anything less.

What was the first concert/show you attended?  I saw the Lion King musical in Vegas and it was spectacular! 

Something you are working on right now. Transitioning to a new school and a new place. It’s the start of hopefully something better.

Have you ever had a near-death experience? I was in a car accident, like the second week I got my car. It was my fault mainly and I just got so shook up. It wasn’t anything big but I still get nightmares. 

Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early? Ha your talking to the reigning champ of procrastinating. Like seriously I am so bad at doing stuff on time. Yet I love the thrill of waiting till the last minute. Adrenaline junkie for sure :) 

Left or right handed? Righty! 

TV Shows you watch regularly. I’m a major tv buff. I don’t really watch them when they air but just save them for when I’m free. Some shows I adore ( and are my guilty pleasures) would be Doctor Who, Sherlock, TVD, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Suits,  Gossip Girl, 90210, Modern Family, Go On, PLL, Revenge, 666 Park Avenue, New Girl, Anything Kardashian, and True Blood. 

Halloween costume idea for this year? Usually I always go as a witch because it is so easy to dress up for; I mean you just need a pointy hat. Though freshman year I went as Rihanna (when she rocked the red hair), but that’s about the extent of my crazy costume story. 

What is your relationship status?  Single, not sure how to mingle 

Last movie you just watched.  In theaters… it would be The Dark Knight Rises. Too brilliant for words!!

Your best friend’s nameI don’t think I have a best friend really. I’m not so keen on keeping my friends that close. I just have a hard time making these wonderful friendships everyone has. But I do have some close friends, though none I would consider my best.

A book you want to read/have recently read. I want to read JK Rowling’s new book; just because I never got to finish the Harry Potter series and hope that I can start off finishing her new adventure. Update: I bought the book “The Casual Vacancy” but have yet to put a dent in it  -_-